Who are Marc & Luc Borms, what is “Catfish & Cotton” production company?

Luc and Marc Borms are managers of “Catfish & Cotton” production company, but they are also professional musicians, living in Belgium.

Marc Borms: is a blues and gospel piano player for over 30 years now, touring and gigging with Baltimore based gospel singer Lea Gilmore for the last 15 years ... travelling all over Europe. He’s also a historian of African American culture and music and very active in photography and graphic design.

Luc Borms: is playing harp for more than 35 years in different European blues bands. Luc is also founder and president of a non profit organisation (DOUBLE DEAL vzw) that promotes the blues-harmonica in Europe. DOUBLE DEAL vzw organizes workshops in harmonica and gives support to more advanced players. During the last 5 years more than 800 students attended the harmonica-blues-workshops and more than 500 “do-it-yourself” instruction manuals for harmonica-playing were sold.

If you want to see some of there work you can listen to: 



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